Visitors from Rome

2018 Rome Visitors 1

2018 Rome Visitors 2

Marist Learning Zone is coming of age, with our enrolments at capacity and several of our students "graduating" back to mainstream school or to apprenticeships. Attendance rates of all our students have significantly improved, up to 100% attendance in some cases. Success!

We have reached the last week of Term Three!

On Thursday we hosted four Marist Brothers who are leaders of the Institute: Vicar General Luis Carlos, General Councillors Ken McDonald and Ben Consigli and Provincial Peter Carroll. They were keen to see MLZ in action, to meet our students and to learn more about our project. One of our students conducted the tour of the facilities and spoke glowingly about how MLZ has turned his life around. The visitors were impressed.

We wish all our students and their families a happy and restful holiday and look forward to seeing you back in Term Four.